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Red Book and Glasses Guide are two extremely handy reference-based sites that base their results on historical market values.  However, these sites don't really give you the real world value that you're looking for.  This may confuse you when you're looking to invest your hard-earned dollars. Some times they are right, sometimes they are a bit high and quite often they are low.
SA Cars buying power gives you access to our up to the minute vehicle buying options and we will pay you the best price we can and we will buy your vehicle for that price. Sell your car, we will buy it.
SA Cars’ online valuation process allows us to give you a better idea of the real worth of your car.  By completing the form below, SA Cars is able to provide you with a much more accurate guide as to the value of your vehicle.  Whether you're looking to trade on one of our products, sell your car outright and just want a guide to trade or sell somewhere else, we can help.
Generally we'll contact you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) or on Monday if your enquiry is made on Saturday or Sunday.

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